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In the 90 minutes I heard: "Xavi in ​​Barcelona: Isn't this surgery a company?"  |  90 minutes

In the 90 minutes I heard: “Xavi in ​​Barcelona: Isn’t this surgery a company?” | 90 minutes

In this season’s 90-minute episode five, Aster Nzimana, Philip Goss, Stephen Devore and Sam Kirkhoffs pay close attention to what’s happening outside our national borders. Like appointing Xavi as Barcelona coach.

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“I believe in Xavi because he was a footballer”

Xavi has to get Barcelona out of the doldrums, but this task will not be easy. “I don’t think he’s the Messiah now,” Stephen Devore says. “The team isn’t strong enough for that. It’s achieving something, but to bring them back to these title debates at the moment, I don’t think so.”

Philip Goss sees an interesting comparison with a Belgian story. “Isn’t this a Kompany type operation? Put someone who has so much goodwill with the fans, that his presence alone makes up for a little less team? You just see that he can also affect such an icon.”

“The difference is that Xavi actually put miles in before he took the job, not Kompany. But that’s not a guarantee. I also understand Kompany went straight away. That also has something to do with momentum.”

“The Kompany came first as a player,” Kerkoffs recalls. “Suppose he initially trained the reserves of Anderlecht for a few more years, that is also not possible, is it?”

Joss: “No, but I was hoping for him some time in the tournament in England or with the City promises. It’s not a drama for a Belgian football fan if she dies there. The lights here are bigger in Anderlecht anyway.”

The difference is that Xavi has already put in miles before taking the job. This was not the case with the Kompany. Although it is not a guarantee.

In any case, there was some confidence in Xavi in ​​the seats. “I don’t know why because I didn’t watch any of his matches in Qatar, but I believe in them,” Joss said. “Because of him being a footballer, the fact that he was central and that he had a solution to everything.”

Kerkhoves: “I think he’ll do better football, but he won’t win either
from Bavaria. His vision may be too classic for that, but tikitaka may be ancient. It should be more vertical now.”

Aster did his research. “I read an analysis on SkySports and he would have worked on the same principles as Guardiola, but in a more realistic way. He would have made a huge impression on Al Sadd, turning a group of people into a team.”

When will Barcelona win again? Joss: “First he has to coordinate his financial resources.” Stephen Devore agrees. “They will need a course.”

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