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in the picture.  Jabeki inaugurates the renovated town hall |  Jabeki

in the picture. Jabeki inaugurates the renovated town hall | Jabeki

The last comprehensive renovation of the town hall was already 30 years ago. So it was decided in 2016 to process the building. The Municipal Council immediately chose a concept that should also provide a new dynamic. There is a central road with open space that makes access to municipal services more accessible to the visitor. The open space can be used in a versatile style, depending on the needs of the moment. The renovated town hall was completed in two phases. In this way, the continuity of the service is not compromised. In the first phase, the new building aft was completed, and in the second phase the existing front building was renovated. On December 21, 2020, the first phase of the Town Hall was completed.

The new Town Hall will again centralize a number of services and the administrative body. The reception and residents service is traditionally located in the front building on the ground floor. The Entertainment Department, Environment Department and Front Office are located in the back building. On the upper floor are the administrative rooms of the front building, including the council chamber, the auditorium, and the offices of the mayor and city council members. At the back is the management team office area, which includes the General Manager and the CFO. A budget of over €4.5 million has been allocated for this project. The building is energy neutral.

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