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In the South, street food containers will soon not be allowed: 'practically not possible'

In the South, street food containers will soon not be allowed: ‘practically not possible’

The South District no longer wants roll containers in public places. From 2024, catering entrepreneurs may only place their waste on the street at specific times, after which it must be returned to their workplace. According to catering entrepreneur Hans Heemskerk, this calls for problems, because in many companies there is no place for it. Koninklijke Horeca Nederland also expects problems for this reason.

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“There would have to be three containers here with glass, waste and paper. This is not possible. I also expect problems with the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. I think it will be very dirty,” says Hans in his bar on Ferdinand Bolstraat. According to the municipality, the terrace is also a public space. “So that’s not desirable either.”

Relatively small issues

Until now, it is not allowed to leave rolling containers on the street all day. Officially, this is only allowed on the day of pickup from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. However, this happens often. That is why the rules will be tightened from 2024: “We see that many containers of entrepreneurs’ rolls remain in public places throughout the day. This is outside the specified display times and rules,” according to the municipality. The Southern Region wants to shorten this time from 9 am to 12 noon starting in 2024.

The delivery dates for industrial waste at the center were also previously modified. Containers may be left on the street on collection day from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. According to Koninklijke spokesperson Horeca Nederland, the new base in De Pijp could cause problems since there are many relatively small businesses here. However, the southern region wants it to happen. The reason for this is that the streets need to be cleaner: “This is in everyone’s interest and everyone must make their contribution,” says a municipality spokesman.

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It is their responsibility to sort that out, your company, your waste.

South region

Entrepreneurs who find themselves in trouble as a result will be given six months to adjust their business operations. “Entrepreneurs may also enter into agreements to place their container elsewhere. For example, with their neighbors or co-location with other entrepreneurs,” says a company spokesperson.

The new delivery dates in the south will remain subject to public consultation, but if the plans go ahead, Heemskerk will have to ditch the rubbish bins. “And mice eat them. This is a step backwards. I don’t think we should want that.”

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