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In this way, astronauts on Mars will soon be able to call home

In this way, astronauts on Mars will soon be able to call home

Mars is not around the corner. It takes 6 to 9 months to get there, and before we send people there, it will probably take 12 to 15 years. However, a lot of research has already been done: for example, we will see how plants grow on the moon. Communications are also taken into consideration. For example, there is now an innovation that makes it easier for people to call home from Mars.

Communication isn't as real-time as we're used to on Earth, but it's nonetheless very fast: the current delay on the line is 20 minutes, but it should be possible faster. NASA is working on laser communications to improve this. Its deep space network will soon be equipped with lasers to enable rapid interplanetary communication. This uses electrical pulses to process magnetic information into a polarized optical signal.


Researchers put in nature Their research they believe represents a breakthrough in the field of spintronics: the study of the electron's intrinsic spin and magnetic moment. The spider is manipulated and the scientists store information that can be transmitted at high speed. That too at room temperature.

It would not require any electrical control or magnetic field, making it a relatively easy communication method to deploy. There is usually a drawback to spin electronics: spin information is quickly lost and cannot be transmitted far when electrons are removed from the magnet. This is no longer the case because of this research. Spin was transferred to photons, which solved this problem. It took more than 15 years to reach this conclusion.

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Call from Mars

It's reminiscent of the movie The Martian, where an astronaut stays on the cold red planet. He can communicate with Earth, but this comes with many challenges. However, if he had known about this innovation, all this trouble with the notes on the Pathfinder would not have been necessary. Then, he only had to wait 3 minutes for an answer: This is how fast the connection between the red planet and our blue planet was via this new discovery.

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