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“India does not want to stick to climate neutrality yet” |  Abroad

“India does not want to stick to climate neutrality yet” | Abroad

A senior official said after a government meeting that India would not immediately aim for climate neutrality. The ruling comes just days before the start of the International Climate Conference in Glasgow (COP26), where Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also attend.

The official says the Indian government is skeptical of the agreements the country is committed to being climate neutral. In addition, he asserts, the climate crisis is unlikely to be resolved with a net zero goal. Therefore, we will focus on immediate goals. A net zero target means that all greenhouse gas emissions are offset by measures that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

One of the biggest emitters

India is the second largest producer of coal worldwide. Along with China and the United States, the country is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. India and China believe that rich industrial nations should take on greater commitments because they have contributed more to climate change in the past.

India is also emphasizing the need to increase energy consumption in the country because millions of people currently do not have access to electricity. The country is increasingly using renewable energy, but coal still has a share of about 60 percent.

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