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Het inspiratieboek ‘Voedsellandschap’ bundelt bevindingen en tips.

Inspiration book “Food Landscape” for future-oriented agricultural areas

The publication explores the concept of a food landscape and provides 15 prerequisites for achieving a successful food landscape. Concrete examples provide the reader with inspiration on creating economic, environmental and social added value in the agricultural fields.

Our food production has become increasingly large-scale in recent decades. As a result, the functions of various open spaces in the countryside are under pressure. And this is unfortunate, because farmers and horticulturalists have traditionally also been gardeners: in addition to producing food, their activities can also create environmental and social added value.

The Food + Land + Schap program investigates how food can be produced locally while simultaneously using it for other functions in open space, such as recreation, biodiversity, water management and regional identity.

What is the food landscape?

A food landscape is an open area where local groups deal with various challenges of open spaces: local food production, more beautiful landscapes, more biodiversity, climatic measures, rural accessibility and associated experience, renewable energy production, good soil and water management, …. The role of farmers is pivotal in this.

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The food landscape begins with the cooperation of farmers themselves and between farmers, local politics, local social actors and/or local entrepreneurs.

food landscape inspiration book

The Inspiration Book collects results and tips. With tasks and a step-by-step plan, the inspiration guide helps local groups meet other social expectations and challenges in a given area as well as food production. Creating a food scene can be beneficial to both parties.

open space platform

The Flemish Land Agency’s request for an inspirational book is part of the Open Space Platform process. This platform stimulates new and critical (collaborative) ways of working for open space and open space policy. The Food + Land + Schap Open Space Platform initiative explores how we can produce food in a given area in a profitable way in response to environmental and social challenges.

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