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Instagram Messenger gets music preview and other improvements

Instagram Messenger gets music preview and other improvements

Today, Instagram announced seven new features for the messaging service, which should make it possible to “connect with your best friends in more fun ways,” the company wrote in a statement. Blog post† For example, it will soon be possible to send a short 30-second preview of a track, provided the song is on Apple Music, Amazon Music or Spotify. The recipient can then listen to it in the chat, without having to go directly to another app.

If you are running late or you don’t want to disturb your friends, you can use the silent option to send messages without getting loud notification right away. The new “lo-fi” chat theme should make your chats look more relaxed.

Moreover, a Facebook Messenger group survey is also posted on Instagram. You can then send a question with a number of answers to your friends in a group chat. They can then choose the one they like the most.

Messages simplified

The chat functionality has become much simpler elsewhere. It becomes possible to quickly reply to a new message without going straight to your inbox. Want to forward an Instagram message to a friend? This will also be faster by holding down the share button. The last function is very simple – it will appear at the top of your inbox if someone is currently available to chat.

According to Instagram, the features will be rolling out to “certain countries” now or soon. It is not yet clear which countries are concerned about this, but the service promises that the rest of the world will soon be able to use these improvements.

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