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Invitation: Think and talk about public space design

Invitation: Think and talk about public space design

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In the new year, Dongen City Council will hold the second session of the pilot on the evening of Thursday, January 13, where a new way of meeting is practiced. An important topic has been chosen for each resident: the design of the public space in our three centers.

Because of the aura metrics, the conversation will take place digitally. Think and talk, or follow the discussion as a spectator. You can do this by registering yourself with an email to the Municipal Council Clerk ([email protected]) You will then receive a link to participate in the meeting
Via MS Teams.

start the conversation
The meeting will last approximately one hour: from 8 pm to 9 pm. The people from Dongen involved in this thread are sitting at the digital discussion table. Discussions are held on the basis of a number of dilemmas. Describe these challenges in the design of public spaces in our municipality.

The mediator is a member of the board. Alderman Petra Lepolder and several policy officials from Dongen Municipality are available to answer questions and provide professional explanations. One council member from each political party holds a seat.

Board members can use the results of this session, for example, to make amendments and/or suggestions. At Board meetings on February 24 and March 10, 2022, Board proposals for a Green Policy Plan and a Green Management Plan will be on the Board’s agenda.

The purpose of the pilot
“The goal is to enable low-threshold conversation with our residents. So that you can talk to each other directly and in person. With this beta, the council wants to investigate how best to organize this. Participants are asked about their experiences. The result will be used for a new meeting model,” said Eric Daming, a council writer. “.

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Working Group on Democratic Renewal
During this period, the Municipal Council meets on the basis of three steps: a council information evening, a meeting of the opinion council, and a meeting of the decision-making council. The Working Group on Democratic Renewal is looking for a new meeting model, in which discussion with the population is given a more central place. In this way the resident gets a different position in the decision-making of the municipal council.