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IPhone 13 photos with a small notch pop up

You can expect this from the iPhone 13 in a smaller degree. New photos appeared.

The new iPhone 13 has received a slight design change compared to the iPhone 12. The most striking element of this change has to do with the notch or notch. Since the iPhone 12 is still very much enjoyed, it is just a little smaller with the iPhone 13.

Three new photos of the iPhone 13 have now appeared in a smaller format. The photos were posted by DuanRui and from the Chinese social media platform Weibo. More context about the images is missing so it’s just a note. Apple has made a smaller notch for the new iPhone by making the camera likely slightly smaller. This can also be seen in the pictures, as one can see IPhone 12 It has been shown for comparison.

iphone 13 notch small

If you’ve been hoping for an iPhone 13 without a notch, we’ve got some bad news. This is kept simple, but it is thus slightly smaller compared to iPhones of the last few years. With a selfie camera and FaceID sensors, an iPhone without a notch is still out of the question at the moment. It is expected to present the new Apple iPhone 13 in September or October. (Across Macrumors)

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