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Is Halloween an official holiday in Spain?

Like many other Western countries, Halloween is increasingly celebrated in Spain, but it is not an official holiday. In fact, it is a day traditionally celebrated mainly in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Halloween is all about fear, killing, etc. as long as it’s exciting. It is actually a children’s party, but nowadays it has become more of a commercial holiday.

Halloween is also celebrated in Spain, either through parties, theme days and even theme weeks and costume parties. On Halloween in Spain, it is not common for children to run around houses dressed in costumes and shout “trick or treat” or in Spanish “dulce o troco”, although this does happen in some places.

Older children and sometimes adults will go to Halloween parties where people dress up or visit parks and places such as haunted houses or amusement parks that also celebrate Halloween.

In Spain, people pay less attention to Halloween as a celebration or tradition and more about it All Saints’ Day Or “Día de Todos los Santos” on November 1st and sometimes also All Souls’ Day or “Día de Muertos” on November 2nd. Traditionally, families go to cemeteries on November 1 to place flowers on the graves of their deceased relatives.

Halloween is not a public holiday or working day in Spain, but November 1, or All Saints’ Day, is throughout Spain. All Souls’ Day on November 2 is not a public holiday in Spain.