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Is it a bed sheet or an iconic costume?  The woman recognizes the paper...

Is it a bed sheet or an iconic costume? The woman recognizes the paper…

The dress that American rapper A$AP Rocky wore at the Met Gala earlier this month surprised more people, but a California woman was just as bewildered. She recognized the rapper’s clothes as a bed sheet from her grandmother.

GVSource: telegraph

“My grandmother’s bedding was donated to the thrift store a while ago,” Sarah told US media. “When I saw the photo from the Met Gala, I immediately realized it was a bedspread. I read in Vogue that the designer had found the quilt in Southern California, and his office is not far from us in Venice.”

The woman shares a photo of A$AP Rocky at the ceremony in the post, along with a shot of her mother still holding her from the same bed sheet on their old bed. “Apparently Grandma Marie went to the Met Gala with A$AP Rocky and wrote Vogue about her,” she wrote.

Sarah shared the second post later, in which she confirmed that she was not angry or wanted anything from stylist Eli Russell Linitz, with whom she was in good contact. “I am only posting because I love that my grandmother lovingly made this to keep my mother warm, and it has now been turned into a wonderful piece of art by incredibly talented people.”

Ricky’s friend at $AP, Rihanna, liked Sarah’s story: The singer gave both letters about the source of the quilt with her thumb.