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Is it working optimally?  Provide mobile air conditioning window seal

Is it working optimally? Provide mobile air conditioning window seal

While summer temperatures rise regularly, you and your colleagues work hard during the heat to come up with new IT solutions or to help customers. High temperatures reduce concentration in the office and you have a hard time staying sharp until the end of the day. Fortunately, you have a portable air conditioner in the office that does its job. In the morning, one of you builds a stack of papers and books around the drain hose, so that the portable air conditioner will efficiently cool the room.

Do you no longer want to start a warm morning by applying a temporary window seal? Then use file Mobile air conditioning window seal It is specially made to fill the gap between the tire and the drain hose. It saves you time in the morning and you can work optimally in a cooled room.

Portable air conditioning window sealing capabilities

Portable Air Conditioning Window Sealant is made to fit every frame. You can easily attach and detach the window seal and ensure it is seamlessly connected to the drain hose. This is for efficient and effective operation of the portable air conditioner. If you have a long work day ahead and warm weather is expected, you and your colleagues can now do your work in a cooled room without penetrating heat from outside.

Now the sound of the portable air conditioner. Because in order to properly carry out your ICT work, you also benefit from a calm environment. The sound of a portable air conditioner can be annoying if you are sensitive to it. Therefore, the Silent portable air conditioner a result. It performs its function optimally and provides a cooled room and you do not need to be bothered by very loud noises from portable air conditioning.

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How is the cooling capacity of a portable air conditioner determined?

If you want to buy a new portable air conditioner in the office, determine the cooling capacity you need. This is expressed in British Thermal Unit (BTU) and for every 100 to 135 BTUs you cool a 1 cubic meter room. Before buying a portable air conditioner, first calculate the room that needs cooling and determine the cooling capacity. For example, you can choose a file Portable Air Conditioner 9000 BTU It is suitable for a smaller space. If there is a larger office space that needs cooling, this can be done with a 12,000 BTU portable air conditioner.

Buy portable air conditioning window insulator for optimal use

Do you no longer want to start your day by building a leaky window for your portable air conditioner? Instead, spend your time discussing with colleagues or answering emails. With the mobile air conditioning window closed, the opening outside is already closed and you only need to put the drain hose outside. It saves a lot of time. Order a portable air conditioning window cover and start working in an optimally cooled office space.