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Is OnePlus working on a Bluetooth speaker?

Is OnePlus working on a Bluetooth speaker?

A teaser for a new product was sent out on Wednesday via OnePlus’ Indian Instagram channel. We suspect it’s a Bluetooth speaker.

OnePlus has significantly expanded its product range in recent years. Having begun its adventure with smartphones in 2013, it has added earphones, wearables and tablets over the years. humor On Instagram It now seems to refer to a new type of (audio) product. It is not clear what exactly the product offers. It’s certainly not about the speakers – with or without Bluetooth. The photo with the speakers and amplifier seems to confirm this.

The same also applies to the various slogans that appear: “Do you have music in you?” “The beauty of music meets the power of technology.” Given OnePlus’ past, it makes sense to us that it’s a mobile product. At the same time, it could also just be an addition to his “TV series”. This series is only available in countries like India, and now the teaser is targeting India specifically.

In this case it could be a fixed speaker, such as a loudspeaker. Another option is that OnePlus wants to launch a competition to Sonos’ Move 2. The speaker is portable and suitable for use with a TV. However, for now, we can only speculate about the content of the teaser. This also applies to whether OnePlus will launch this upcoming product in Europe.

Launching in December

For this we have to wait for the official introduction, which “almost” It is happening. The smartphone manufacturer may make us wait until the introduction of the OnePlus 12. This smartphone will be released internationally this year, according to recent rumours. However, no official information is available about this topic.

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