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Israel: "Iran's nuclear program crossed all red lines" |  Iran

Israel: “Iran’s nuclear program crossed all red lines” | Iran

Iran’s nuclear program has crossed “all red lines”. This is what the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett told the United Nations today. He also stated that the Jewish state “will not allow” Tehran to acquire nuclear weapons.

“Inspections have been ignored. Iran is violating IAEA agreements and is getting away with it without consequences,” said Bennett, who succeeded Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister in June.

The remarks of the Israeli prime minister, who also called Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi a “butcher”, come at a time when negotiations between Tehran and major powers to revive the landmark 2015 agreement have stalled. This would significantly reduce Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Israel, which has welcomed the US withdrawal from the Trump administration’s nuclear deal, is vehemently opposed to a possible new agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, which Iran itself says is for civilian and non-military purposes.

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