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Israel warns of an imminent nuclear deal with Iran |  News

Israel warns of an imminent nuclear deal with Iran | News

On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned of an imminent agreement between the international community and Iran. That would be “more fragile” than the previous 2015 agreement.

A new agreement will be forthcoming. “It will be more fragile than before,” Bennett said before the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem. He added that Israel was preparing “on all levels”.

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Israel and Iran are ferocious enemies. Israel, which experts refer to as the only nuclear power in the Middle East, accuses Iran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons. The Islamic regime in Tehran denies this.

On Thursday, the United States reported “significant progress” in the negotiations that the international community is conducting in Vienna with Iran to save the 2015 agreement. Washington said the agreement could be “in the coming days.”

A 2015 agreement between Iran and Western powers, Russia and China, ensured that Tehran would not develop nuclear weapons. Iran had to limit its nuclear activities and international supervision was introduced. In return, economic sanctions on Iran were lifted.

Under then-President Donald Trump, the United States withdrew from the agreement in 2018, after which Iran also began to disregard its obligations. With Joe Biden as Trump’s successor, another attempt was made to keep the agreement in place.

Iranian terrorism threatens us and other countries in the region. Bennett said that the State of Israel is preparing for the next day (after the agreement is concluded) to ensure the security of its citizens with its own resources.

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