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It took 14 years to prepare for the World Sailing Championships in the Netherlands

It took 14 years to prepare for the World Sailing Championships in the Netherlands

In 2010, Edwin submitted a bid for the 2014 World Cup with the Trefund Bureau and The Hague Municipality. Also known as the auction book.

Edwin: “After the first bid was rejected, we had another chance at the 2018 World Cup in 2014. We had a neck and neck race with Denmark’s Arhas. In the end we won the auction. The content of both projects was the same, but Arhas had a strong financial guarantee.

Four years later, a new opportunity arose, but WatersportWerbond was skeptical that they would ever try again. “The World Cup has already taken place twice in a row in Europe, and it would make sense if it was organized outside of Europe this time,” Edwin explains. “However, we finally decided to participate, only if they showed us that they wanted to put us on the map and organize the event. We actually bid, hoping it would not be available. New Zealand was a competitor, but we won the auction and were allowed to organize this large-scale event.

From the prayer book to the redemption phone call

It seems now that little effort was made in that last attempt, but nothing could be further from the truth. Creating such an auction book is not a simple document. Edwin had to draw these three books before the World Cup was awarded to the Netherlands. He continued to build on previous auctions and participated in and / or participated in all World Cups in 2010, 2014 and 2018.

The whole process from the auction to the company is an even more interesting one. Edwin takes us on a bird’s eye view of this process. “It starts with an open call, where World Sailing publishes a document containing the specifications it needs to meet at a World Cup.

“After the approval of our letter of encouragement, we set out to set up an auction committee. In our case, in 2018, the auction for 2022 included Watersport Sports as a sports association, Dick Sports as a sports marketing company and The Hague Municipality as a site. All parties are subject to the auction book. .WatersportWerband, Dick Sports’s logistics experience and location as a financial carrier and The Hague Municipality in the field of competitive sports.

The auction book was then submitted to World Sailing, on the basis of which they invited countries to submit further projects. In 2018, apart from the Netherlands, New Zealand was also invited. “We were joined by a team of five people from WatersportWerband, Dick Sports and The Hague Municipality. Alderman Robin Baldevsingh, then the sports department, gave a very strong speech in which he explained why the World Cup should come to The Hague.

Apparently World Sailing agreed, and a few weeks later Edwin received a rescue phone call. The 2022 World Cup is definitely coming to Schweinning!