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“It was intense and I was afraid.”

“It was intense and I was afraid.”

He had advanced stage skin cancer

Sergio Hermann, Chef

in Sergio across the border Sergio Herman told us for the first time that he has skin cancer. The chef started talking about it while he was sitting on the porch with Mikey Kaffmeyer, out of the sun. “I can't be there much, because I have skin cancer.” Herman thought the spot on his back was an irritation, until he consulted a dermatologist after several delays. The spot turned out to be skin cancer. “It was at an advanced stage, and two days later I had to undergo surgery. It was intense and I was afraid.”

He must work at the age of eighty to make ends meet

Eric Idle, actor

Being a founding member of the illustrious Monthy Python does not guarantee a well-stocked bank account. Eric Idle says that at the age of 80 he still has to work to earn enough money. “I don't know why people think we're rich. Python is a disaster. I never dreamed that profits would fall so catastrophically in this day and age. Idle, who sold his house last year, doesn't seem to think it's a big disaster either. “I wouldn't mind not being rich.” . “I prefer to be funny.”

Ready to serve her country

Kamala Harris, Vice President

US Vice President, Kamala Harris, said that she is “ready to serve her country” now that the age of current President Joe Biden (81 years old) has become a subject of discussion. She said this in the American newspaper the Wall Street Journal. The 59-year-old Democrat asserts that anyone who sees her at work “concludes that she is fully capable of driving.” Opinion polls show that Biden's age represents the biggest stumbling block for voters who doubt his ability to serve a second term.

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