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Italy is mostly green on the European travel map, only the Netherlands is still completely red

In a recent update of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECTC), the map of Europe is turning green.

According to the latest update, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and San Marino are now completely green on the ECTC map, meaning the risk of infection is now considered “low” By the Belgian authorities.

With the exception of the Asta Valley in the south of the country, the orange areas of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria, and the island of Sicily, Italy is almost completely green.

Germany, Denmark, Croatia and Norway are mostly green, with the exception of a few orange areas where the risk of infection is considered “moderate”.

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In addition, Latvia, Slovenia, Monaco and Andorra will all be orange destinations, while Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and the Vatican will all be orange.

Mainland France is also completely orange, but in some of its foreign territories this is not true: Cors du Sut and Martinique are green, while French Guiana, Reunion, Saint Martin, Polynesian Franோois and Saint-Bartholomew are red.

Although most parts of Spain are orange, La Rioja, Aragon, Castile-La Manza and Andalusia are marked in red.

In addition, Sweden is mostly orange, with the exception of Smallland, Nora Mellnsweiris and Evre Norland, which are marked in red.

Passengers entering Belgium after at least 48 hours in an orange zone are calculated based on their answers on whether or not they should be isolated. PasagearsLocalChattyFormular (PLF), Who will give them the instructions they need depending on the outcome.

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Finally, the only European country still red on the map is the Netherlands, which, according to Belgian officials, presents a “high” risk of pollution.

Not much has changed for the EU and countries outside the Schengen area. Third countries are red zones, but Japan now joins the green travel zones of Australia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Israel and South Korea. Thailand, which turned red again last week, is going orange again.