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Jack Hendry receives a 'merit hit' at Club Brugge after being substituted at KV Oostende |  Football 24

Jack Hendry receives a ‘merit hit’ at Club Brugge after being substituted at KV Oostende | Football 24

Monday 14 March 2022 – 11:30 am by the editorial board

In terms of numbers, Club Brugge, led by Alfred Schroeder, is doing better than ever. This is excellent news, but of course not for every player.

For Jack Hendry in particular, this is disgusting. Alfred Schroeder pushed the center back completely and was allowed to come in at a rare time against former club KV Oostende on Saturday due to an injury to Stanley Nsuki in the 52nd minute.

It’s hard to come in in the cold, but Jack did a great job,” Schroeder said. Smear for bleeding. Blue and black cherished according to latest news I hope Nsoki’s twist doesn’t stop him from making it to Genk next Sunday.

Club Brugge is very hopeful that their rival is match-ready, and says enough about how they think about Hendry these days. An alternative, good for filling in gaps, but no more than that. Not to mention a key player. And then such a hopeful raid without consequences seems like a fatal blow.

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Dat Club Brugge vurig hoop dat zijn concurrent wedstrijdklaar raakt, zegt genoeg over hoe ze tegenwoordig over Hendry denken. Een vervanger, goed om de gaten op te vullen, maar niet meer dan dat. Laat staan een basisspeler. En dan voelt zo'n hoopgevende invalbeurt zonder gevolg als een genadeklap.


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