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It’s not often that I’m immediately interested in a singer’s folk album. Often the smooth glazed consistency of the sausage strikes the eye. From the unexpected quarter, there is now an album that is no different than the one that shook the earth, but it pierces my ears. Jamie McDell, 29, is from New Zealand. When she was seven, her father quit his job and a sailing boat became McDell’s home for a while. Along the way, Jamie listened to his parents’ cassette tapes with the music of singer-songwriters such as Jimmy Buffett, John Denver and James Taylor. That’s where the seeds for his music career were sown. McDelle learned to play the guitar and at the age of sixteen signed a recording deal with EMI. McDell moved to Nashville in 2017 and moved to the US with his third album, followed by two locally acclaimed pop / country albums. Extraordinary womanIn 2019, he crossed the seas back to Toronto to write and record his fourth self-titled album. Records for his fourth album began in Nashville in early 2020, after backing Robert Ellis on his US tour. Jamie McDelMcDell integrates pure country like The (Dixie) Six, sometimes with a great country / country page like Kathleen Edwards and Grandma Griffin. The aforementioned Robert Ellis sings along with the best “worst offense”, and joins The McRae Sisters McDelle to turn “Sailor” into a compelling gospel. Erin Ray appears in the folk-like “Where Are You Now – DD’s Song”. But without this help, Jamie McDell survives. A good song like “Botox”, toxic relationship, stressful “limousine running” or beautiful ballad “something more”. Story texts, often drawing personal experience, beautiful voice. Jamie McDell has a little one you can not name, but do not hesitate to ask often.


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