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Jan Zandbergen Group operates the first Veenendaal . pile innovation center

FENENDAL – Peter Paul Zandbergen, CEO of Jan Zandbergen Group, began construction of the Food Development Center last Tuesday, October 26. The focus here is on developing botanical products among others.

The Jan Zandbergen group consists of Jan Zandbergen BV, Diviande and Future Food Group. The company will shift its focus from animal protein to innovative concepts and product development. The company sees the development of plant substitutes within the organization growing more and more. “Even to the extent that the company is literally growing and developing products outside its scope and more space is needed for innovations,” she said in a press release. Peter-Paul Zandbergen, CEO of Jan Zandbergen Group: β€œThe global food supply is changing and requires new insights and solutions. I believe innovation is the key to success. Within our group, we have the resources to make an impact and truly make a difference to these changing eating needs. By innovating in a sustainable way, We are developing durable solutions for the entire meat and vegetable sector.”

The total area of ​​this new site is 3000 square meters. The R&D team has space here for all its activities, such as a product development room, rinsing kitchen, cold and freezer storage and tasting room. In addition, there are offices, meeting rooms and there will be a fitness area for employees. Cees van der Pijl, Director of Diviande: β€œAn important part of the strategy within the group is to give the R&D, product development, quality and marketing departments space to develop from an innovation hub in the heart of the Dutch Food Valley. Working on pioneering solutions.” The group invests in partner programs so that the development of Innovative concepts, products and services with customers.

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sustainable construction
The expected delivery will be in the third quarter of 2022 and Digham Boo will take over. In order to develop as sustainable as possible, the Innovation Center will be provided with modern and sustainable solutions to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, through solar panels on the roof.

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