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Jonas Ricard: “I look forward to the atmosphere of De Quipkey.”

Jonas Ricard (27) had a great road season and wants to continue this at Kent Six Days next week. “But I only have two actual training weeks due to a minor injury,” says Alpecin-Fenix ​​Ryder.

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In 2016, Rickard made his debut in De Gupta with Dutchman Roy Peters. Both finished ninth. A year later they finished eighth. Ricard Stijn joined the Steeles in 2018, but the fall in team racing threw a spanner at work. Both finished ninth. In 2019, Rickard had to work with Peters again, but he fell ill, and after Mark Cavendish retired, he joined Iljo Keys for a few days. Rickard and Peters eventually finished eighth. In this edition, Rickert’s teammate Sylvan Dillier is his friend on Alpecin-Fenix. “It was the first year I wanted to go for overall success, but I was sidelined for ten days due to a minor injury. I haven’t had two decent training weeks on my feet. It’s not much. We will see. If we notice on the first day that things are not going right, we will focus on the second numbers. Anyway, I’m looking forward to six days in Kent. One word: Atmosphere. Real winter feeling. I like to be busy during these cold months, but I’m not a motocross rider and I’m a rider, so I like to participate in six days. “Three years ago, Stegen Steeles said in an interview:” Absolutely physically, Jonas is Belgium’s best omnium rider. “Ricard:” I do not know. (Laughs) It’s been three years since I made an omnium, but it still resonates with me. It excites me when I watch track cycling at games or the World Cup. I don’t know if I will ever return to the slopes. I think about it sometimes, but it doesn’t seem like I have a plan in that direction. The thing that strikes me is that now more and more road racers are performing better on the track. Viviani, Hayter, Morkov… Road racers compete on the track for Omnium and Team Racing. That’s why it attracts me and I think someone like Jasper de Baist has the same feeling. Of course you have your past as a pistol. During your youth you participated in championships in Portugal, Russia, New Zealand, Colombia, Greece and Italy. In 2014, thanks to the track project for Rio 2016, you will be able to make your professional debut at the age of 19 at the Topsport Wilderness. Ricard: “I ‘ve seen and enjoyed a lot. It’s all fun times and I’m never got tired of the road. I think so. ” Who are your favorite favorites this year for the overall success of De Quipke in Kent? Riccard: “Rob Kiss and Kenny de Gettele, of course. For Kenny, this is Kent’s last six days. It’s really a strong field of participants and it promises to be a very beautiful and exciting version. ” In the meantime, how do you look back on your great road campaign with Tim Merlier, Jasper Phillipsen and Matthew van der Boyle in Alpine-Phoenix? Ricard: “Yes and no. I already won at Towers Door Head Highland last year. I was surprised then. I was particularly regular this season. On the tour I rode up very nicely and surprised myself. That was my biggest question mark at the beginning of the year. I was a little mindful at first, but I’m so glad I finished so quickly and came out so good. In addition, I had a huge stake in a lot of team wins this year. And I had a contract extension until the end of 2025. Leaders like Matthew and Boggar often get long-term contracts, but a servant does not. It gives me great pleasure to have that hope. I got into the story when the team was still called Corontan-Circus, and I would love to see the story develop further. “Your performance is logically crowned with a recommendation for iron brick. That should have been the end of your season. Ricard: “Of course. (Laughs) One day I want to win the trophy for the best West Flemish professional cyclist, but first I have to start winning races. Last week I was talking to my friend Katrina about this. A few years ago I won the Youth Iron Break. At the time I thought it was a good experience. So glad I was nominated again. ” Are we already looking forward to 2022? ”Rickard said:“ Because of that injury, I had to rest for a while. It will be very suitable for me for next season. We will be going on a team internship to Benicasim in Spain from December 1st to 10th. From December 13th to January 8th I will be traveling to South Africa as usual, with teammate Dries de Bond and our friends. A new internship with the team will continue from January 10 to 20. So I will be spending the winter abroad in the coming months.

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