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Judge dismisses Palin's complaint against The New York Times

Judge dismisses Palin’s complaint against The New York Times

New York times He will not be charged with defamation. Sarah Palin was unable to adequately prove her case. And so the paper maintains its solid reputation: it hasn’t been condemned for at least 50 years.

Sarah Palin, a Republican politician”Trump’s warningMale, failed to make the newspaper New York times To be convicted of defamation after an opinion article about it. According to the judge, she developed her argument very poorly. The case was dropped.

The opinion piece, published in June 2017, incorrectly linked its Political Action Committee to the shootings a few months later. Palin, who is not averse to lying, spoke of the lawsuit as a battle between David and Goliath. I made it a point of honor to support an established name like New York times to be convicted. But the preparation left much to be desired. Arguments like “They lied, they lied to me before” fail to convince.

The judge criticizes the journalist’s slip, but believes there are no legal grounds for conviction. So the question is whether there will be an appeal and what precedents can arise there.

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