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Julia discovers K3's cool wardrobe: "I want to try all this" |  showbiz

Julia discovers K3’s cool wardrobe: “I want to try all this” | showbiz

TelevisionBeing K3 has its advantages. Huge wardrobe with beautiful suits, for example. Therefore, Julia is deeply moved when she sees her for the first time. And in “K3, A New Beginning” we watch the first rehearsal as a trio.


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A little surprise awaits Han and Julia. They all get a beautiful new rainbow outfit. They change in the “clothing workshop”. Julia was immediately affected. “Oh, I want to try all this,” he said excitedly. “Of course all of their clothes are hanging in there. It’s just a big wall with sequins and color and ‘beautiful’. I really can’t wait to try out the entire wardrobe.”

Now that Martha has been able to rehearse for the Sinterklaas show for the first time, she’s impressed with Julia. It really fits. “I was glad you actually trained,” Martha admits. “So I also knew that I could only follow you. And it went well. I also thought of Julia: she is there!”

“K3, A New Beginning,” Saturday at 19.55pm on VTM and VTM GO

Julia and Hani in K3: A New Beginning © VTM

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