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Just keep going: warm and sunny weather is coming

Just keep going: warm and sunny weather is coming

The weather has been fickle lately. Meteorologist Brian Verhoeven of Boenradar says this will continue for the next three days. “Today is going to be a very dynamic day.”


First it passes through the rain zone, and then it disappears for a moment. “But that doesn’t mean we got it. Sunlight and clarity provide energy for a cycle of strong rain that enters our country from the southwest in the late afternoon and can be accompanied by hail, thunderstorms and winds.” It will be a maximum of 14 degrees.

KNMI issued a yellow code for the southern provinces as of the end of the afternoon due to a thunderstorm. Tomorrow during the day there will also be thunderstorms and, according to Verhoeven, these are also torrential showers with gusts of wind that should be taken into consideration. It will be a maximum of about 13 degrees.

“The variable weather is not pleasant for us, because we cannot sit on the balcony most days without fear of taking a shower,” he says. “But nature does really well.”

So this spring is in sharp contrast to last year. “At that time, it was very warm, sunny and dry. Many Dutch like it, but it is harmful to nature. The groundwater was very low, partly due to the accumulation of precipitation in previous years, and forest fires broke out, like at Deurnese Peel.”

Dry and sunny

After three days of gray and wet weather, it will be much drier on Thursday, and starting Friday it will be dry almost everywhere. There is less wind, more sunshine and the temperature will slowly rise starting Thursday. “At the end of the week the temperature will rise by about 20 degrees. In any case, the weather will be more pleasant than now, because there is more sun and less wind.”

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Verhoeven warns against putting sunblock outside the cupboard. “It’s the end of May and the sun is quite bright. If it starts to shine too bright, we have to come up again. After a cold period we might be wrong sometimes.”