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Kaitlyn Clark instantly sets record in WNBA debut (but not the kind of record she dreamed of)

Kaitlyn Clark instantly sets record in WNBA debut (but not the kind of record she dreamed of)

Caitlin Clark also made her debut on the first day of the new WNBA season. All eyes were on the new women’s basketball champion, but it was not a dream debut for the 22-year-old American.

Perhaps no one has ever entered the WNBA with higher expectations than Kaitlyn Clark. The playmaker has been making waves in American college basketball in recent years, being crowned the all-time leading scorer in the NCAA competition.

The superstar talent was recently selected first in the WNBA draft by the Indiana Fever. This immediately caused a rush at the box office, with some opponents even planning a one-off move to a larger arena when Clark and co. Visit.

Clark’s WNBA debut was eagerly awaited, as they visited the Connecticut Sun for their first game – of course in front of a sold-out crowd.

Obviously I’m disappointed. Nobody likes losing, but that’s part of it.

Caitlin Clark

As if the home team immediately wanted to feel that playing time was now over, Clarke was treated harshly by the Sun players at times. However, thanks to 4 three-pointers and 6 of 6 from the free throw line, she was able to reach the 20-point mark.

The downside was the abundance of turnovers: Clarke lost the ball no less than 10 times, recording a negative record. Never before has anyone lost the ball more in her WNBA debut. Indiana eventually lost by a wide margin: 92-71.

Clark then responded: “Obviously I’m disappointed. Nobody likes to lose.” “But that’s part of it. I don’t lose my enthusiasm after one game.”

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“It wasn’t the best start. There will be good games, and there will be bad games. We have to learn from this and make sure we are ready for the next game.”

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