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Karen Damen opens a pop-up store with her sister |  showbiz

Karen Damen opens a pop-up store with her sister | showbiz

showbizThis past weekend, Karen Damen, 47, and her sister Kirsten opened their “Christina Knitwear” pop-up store in Boechout together. It was there that fans were able to get to know physically the sisters’ private clothing collection for the first time.

The Damen sisters launched their own collection via an online store on October 13: “After a successful start, we’ve been getting more and more questions from people to feel for the clothes or see them in real life. This is how the idea of ​​organizing a pop-up came about,” Kirsten Hett told Newsblad.

All of their clothes are inspired by women from their environment: “The pieces were given the names of women from our circle of friends who inspired us. But the woman who inspires us the most is of course our Mother Christina. Since our first two names begin with the letter K, we chose ‘Kristina Knitwear’ as the brand name.”

A whole new world opened up for Karen thanks to her sister: “I couldn’t do it without my sister,” she says. “She has the passion and knowledge while I can provide a great reach. We compliment each other perfectly. It’s so cute and we’re already working on a second set. But we don’t set a deadline for it. If we had something nice, we’d launch it,” Karen declares.

Don’t worry about fans who couldn’t be there this weekend, you can still order online at

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