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KBC has to deliver profits: These banks win awards at the Banking Awards 2023 |  My guide

KBC has to deliver profits: These banks win awards at the Banking Awards 2023 | My guide

Spaargids.beOf all the banks, Argenta scores highest for its customer satisfaction. Bank of Antwerp can therefore receive the 2023 General Bank Award And Guide-é KBC, Bolero and Santander Consumer Bank were awarded Best Digital Bank, Best Investment Bank and Best Savings Bank respectively.

Spaargids and Guide-épargne asked polling agency iVox to gauge consumer opinions online from November 10 to 21. This happened to visitors to its online platforms and Guide-é, as well as to a number of other DPG media channels, such as and They were able to express their opinions about the banks of which they are customers.

Consumers accepted the call en masse. More than 51,000 people gave their odds. This included people who were customers of one bank and people who had accounts at multiple financial institutions. 45% of those surveyed said they are customers of a bank. 55% purchased services from multiple banks. This made it easier for them to compare.

Small banks were treated in the same way as their larger counterparts. The scale offered no advantage or disadvantage. Krylan and AXA, which are now one organisation, are still treated as separate brands because their networks are still not integrated.

Survey participants were able to comment on four areas: the bank’s digital offering, its branch network, savings offers, and investment offers. Based on the results for these components, the bank with the best overall score was also determined.

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Bank General Award

1. Argenta: 7.9/10
2. KBC: 7.5/10
3. Biobank: 7.3/10

After being at the forefront for several years, KBC must now hand over this position to Argenta. The previous winner also loses some of his points. Last year, KBC scored 7.9/10, the same score that earned Argenta honors this year. This decrease is mainly due to the removal of ATMs from branches. For many, KBC has lost many practical services.

Argenta is benefiting from KBC’s setback, but the bank itself is also doing better. Last year I got 7.6 points.

Argenta’s overall earnings. The bank gets top ratings from both customers who bank only with it and consumers who have accounts with multiple banks. It also achieved the best results among men and women in all age groups. This is very evident among people over 55 years of age.

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What is striking: so far, with the exception of KBC, the other major banks have made no significant difference. BNP Paribas Fortis ranks last with 5.8 points. Belvius gets 6.1. ING up to 6.2. This is a huge improvement for the last bank. Last year was the last time it got a 5.7.

Prize Bank branch network

1.Argenta 8.3/10
2. Biobank 7.7/10
3. FDAC and KBC 7.5/10

As in previous years, Argenta will once again receive the Best Office Network award. The last time Bank of Antwerp narrowly beat KBC, this time its lead was wider.

Argenta also achieves the best scores in all age groups. Overall, 85.5% said they were satisfied with the distance to the office, 76.1% were positive about working hours, and 89.7% were impressed with the staff experience.

KBC’s setback was notable. The bank maintains its position in the top three, but last year it achieved a score of 8.0. The bank is now in balance with vdk bank. Ghent Bank scores better than KBC among younger and older customer groups. KBC wins in the middle group of 35 to 54 years.

Digital Bank Award

1. KBC 8.1/10
2.Argenta 8.0/10
3. Bolero 7.9/10

KBC continues to provide the best digital services to its clients, but is losing the leadership it achieved last year. In 2022, KBC still achieves a score of 8.4 here. Argenta, which ranked third, achieved 7.6. However, Bank of Antwerp improved its score to 8.0 and is now on the heels of KBC. Therefore, the spread was reduced from 0.8 points to 0.1 points. Argenta even ranks first among the 55+ group.

KBC mainly gets good marks for the ease of use of digital applications. 85.8% think it is good or quite good. Another 11.5 percent gave a neutral rating.

Investment Bank Award

1. Bolero 8.1/10
2. Mi Direct 7.2/10
3. Saxo 7.0/10

Just like last year, Bolero wins this category. The organization receives praise for most aspects of its services. 91.1 percent say the digital trading platform is good to excellent, 87.9 percent of clients find the research and advice positive and 88.5 percent are satisfied or very satisfied with the products offered. Moreover, the help desk is easily accessible and knowledgeable. The Bolero grade is only slightly lower in terms of cost structure. Only 66.8% think it is good or very good.

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Another notable feature is the return of Saxo Bank. Its predecessor BinckBank scored well in surveys, but when it was acquired by Saxo Bank, it was accompanied by technical problems and a decline in services, which led to a sharp decline in customer satisfaction. It now appears that this problem has been resolved.

If we do not limit ourselves only to typical brokers/investment banks and also include classic retail banks in the ranking, Argenta’s strong performance would be astonishing. With 7.4, the organization would rank second. Although Argenta is not immediately known as an investment bank, the institution’s services in this area are highly rated by its clients.

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Savings Bank Award

1. Santander Consumer Bank 8.2/10
2. Mi Direct 7.9/10
3.Argenta 7.7/10

Consumer bank Santander is being rewarded for the high interest rates it has continued to offer in recent months. For those under 35 and women, it still lost out to runner-up MeDirect.

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