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Ken Williamson vs. Mark Chapman vs. New Zealand. Netherlands

The team has announced that New Zealand captain Ken Williamson and multi-level player Mark Chapman will not play in the men’s T20 World Cup Cricket World Championship pre-match against the Netherlands on Saturday due to a hamstring injury. (More Cricket News)

The official Black Caps pointer posted on Twitter: “Kane Williamson and Mark Chapman will sit tomorrow with trembling thighs as a precautionary measure against KNCB cricket.”

Williamson described his hamstring injury as a ‘minor’ injury on Thursday, although he eased concerns about his fitness ahead of the T20 World Cup opening ceremony in Kiwi against Pakistan on October 26.

The actual match starts on Sunday. “A little, (okay), I’m fine. So no complaints,” he said in response to a question during a press conference with the media organized by the ICC.
However, he acknowledged that recovery from the elbow problem he had been dealing with for some time had been slow.

“… it moved a little slower … disappointing for a long time. However, it has definitely improved a bit in the last few months after the World Test Championship.

“In rehab, he definitely seems to be making progress, which is refreshing, but there’s still a little bit of a 100 percent return,” he added.

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