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Kevin De Bruyne can hit the table sometimes

Kevin De Bruyne can hit the table sometimes

Kevin De Bruyne’s performance against Estonia is over. The midfielder is back to his old self after a difficult start to the season. The fact that he participated in the quarter-finals of the European Championship for a long time bothers him. Although there is one more thing: He must demand the same commitment from his teammates as himself.

There is that stage which has been off since Saturday: De Bruyne went free and fired Meunier on the right flank, who was ahead of a whole street. However, the left-back left too late and De Bruyne’s perfect ball went out. If he gave it to Manchester City, he left Kyle Walker for a chance to score. The frustration was palpable, but only for two seconds. Monnier’s raised hand and it’s over.

master class

And so there were stages. Denier who didn’t pass the ball to Witsel while De Bruyne was forcefully nodded, Eden Hazard who closed his space to get the ball back, Vanaken who didn’t go deep in time…t always show up. And he must. He must be more demanding than his teammates if they want to play an important role in Qatar.

De Bruyne gave an advanced game distribution tutorial on Saturday. From a low position, sometimes lower than Witsel. But it works very smartly, without wasting much energy. When he had the ball, he always found the right solution. Changing the wing by 60 metres, a ball in between, sliding in the open space… This is how you avoid a low mass, but then there should be enough movement around it.

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master of the orchestra

His teammates should know by now that De Bruyne prefers passing the ball to the barrel rather than the foot. Meunier, who has been playing with him for eight years at the Red Devils, should make the effort if he sees that space in front of him and KDB has the ball. But this is also the disadvantage of such a group of friends. Who knocks at the table internally? Usually these are Courtois and Lukaku.

De Bruyne is the master of the orchestra and if we want to do something in Qatar, there must not be a single false note. Then everyone has to play football to the rhythm of the maestro. It should also make it clear. Against Estonia you can get away with it, but against Italy, France, Spain … it depends on the details. Then that ball on the right could be the deciding factor.

If you play a wrong ball to Lukaku, you will hear it. De Bruyne also has to put that more into his game. There is nothing wrong with a strong reprimand. It should be possible between friends …