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Keys Biker: After my first exploratory trip to LA, I visited the US at least ten times

Keys Biker: After my first exploratory trip to LA, I visited the US at least ten times

Travel biz blogger Keys Picker's first trip to America was an exploration trip to Los Angeles. Touring at the beginning of his career sometime in the 1980s. “Prior to that trip I had prejudices about everything associated with Disney, Hollywood, and Baywatch. Study trips have proven to be effective,” Keyes writes in her latest blog.

After the exploratory trip, Disney became a guilty pleasure, and Keyes visited America at least ten times. “Often it's enough to deviate a little more from the beaten path. As a result, I get to go places that many people pass over, but that surprise you in a positive way. My clients benefit from that knowledge because I often include some of those 'hidden gems' in the itineraries I make.

Keys' tips
In light of the latest Reisbizz theme launch, dedicated to the US and Canada, Keyes thought it would be fun to share some of those 'hidden gems'. Like Joshua Tree National Park. “Everyone knows this name from the world famous U2 album. But even some experts don't know exactly where it is. This is the first park you come to from Los Angeles. Most ignore it in their rush to visit the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. But if you like typical Wild West landscapes, spend at least a few hours at this place.

Keyes also mentions the Badlands of South Dakota. “Rarely have you traversed the eerie terrain between the jagged peaks of the Badlands. They are more impactful when you are driving from a distance.

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Want to know what other tips Kees has? Read his blog in the latest issue of Reisbizz, focusing on the US and Canada.