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Kobe Elsen starts the second season of "#weetikveel" as a train driver |  New TV season

Kobe Elsen starts the second season of “#weetikveel” as a train driver | New TV season

TelevisionDuring the second season of ‘#weetikveel’, Kobe Elsen (40) will once again be looking for cool and surprising facts on fascinating topics. The train takes center stage in the first episode.

Did you know that Belgium is not only world famous for its chocolate, beer and Mannequin Pis, but also for its jumping horses? And why is Padel so popular, the Albert Channel so important and the weather so unpredictable? What is the relationship of the symphony orchestra to artificial intelligence? In the second season of “#weetikveel”, based on and inspired by the hit Radio 1 and podcast of the same name, Kobe Ilsen once again searches for fascinating and surprising facts on fascinating topics.

He repeatedly picks out topics we’ve all read about or heard about, but which, upon closer examination, we know very little about. In fact, we know nothing of the Belgian railways, which many of us use regularly. “#weetikveel” changes that.

In this second season, Kobe also has one topic covered in each episode. He talks to an expert in the field who explains and refutes clichés and raises new questions. Kobe also immerses himself in the subject through his close experience and analysis. Thus each subject is presented from every possible angle. Always with an open, positive and curious outlook.

Kobe will not be on the train tonight as a passenger, but as a driver. Will he arrive on time, like 90% of trains in Belgium? And what exactly happens to railway cars at night when they are not running? Kobe discovers that they not only drive through the “train wash” but also get a full service. In addition, Elsen visits a huge Belgian factory where he learns that one cart contains about 8000 parts. Finally, especially for this episode, he’ll be receiving two Flagey Building experts: Dimitri Timmerman, a spokesperson for NMBS, and Frederic Petty, a spokesperson for Infrabel.

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“#weetikveel” can be seen on One at 9.30pm.

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