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Kubicki beats Longo Borghini to win the final stage of the Vueltaa Challenge |  Women's cycling

Kubicki beats Longo Borghini to win the final stage of the Vueltaa Challenge | Women’s cycling

Lotte Kopecky (Liv Racing) won the final stage of the La Vuelta Challenge in Spain. The Belgian champion was faster than the Italian Elisa Longo Borghini in a duel. Annemiek van Vleuten takes home all-out victory.

The fourth and final stage of the women’s Vuelta a little over 100km and it reached – just like the final stage with the men – in Santiago de Compostela. In the classic early flight, lots of people slipped as well as a few toppers, like Anna van der Breggen.

But in the peloton, Lotte Kopecky shouldn’t worry too much. Her colleagues at Liv kept the gap at an acceptable level. They have worked with the women of Valcar-Travel & Service. Up front I also felt the pressure of the fast Belgian champion, so they just stopped there.

American Leah Thomas held out the tallest but in the end was a bird of the cat. Lotte Kopecky fired a long sprint, keeping the Italian champions in the back. After crashing on the Tokyo track, the Belgian champion looks fully prepared for a rainbow battle at home.

It was an all-out victory for the Netherlands again. The anime Van Vleuten no longer delivers it. It’s the first time you’ve won this race.

The top ten in the final stage

  1. Lotte Kobeki – at 2u29’37”
  2. Elisa Longo Borghini (ETA)
  3. Anna Henderson (Britain) – 4″
  4. Cata Blanca Fez (Hoon) – 6″
  5. Silvia Zanardi (ETA) –
  6. Elisa Balsamo (ETA)
  7. Cassia niviadoma (pee)
  8. Lianne Liebert (DOI) -8″
  9. Flurgy McCaig (Ned)
  10. Reagan Marcus (Ned)

The final result

  1. Anime Van Floten (Ned)
  2. Marilyn Rosser (Zoe)
  3. Elise Chappe (Zoe)
  4. Marta Cavalli (ETA)
  5. Lianne Liebert (BW)
  6. Cassia niviadoma (pee)
  7. Elisa Longo Borghini (ETA)
  8. Flurgy McCaig (Ned)
  9. Cata Blanca Fez (Hon)
  10. Paulina Roijakkers (Ned)
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