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KV Kortrijk achieves a difficult victory after goal in the 96th minute (!), …

KV Kortrijk achieves a difficult victory after goal in the 96th minute (!), …

Waasland-Beveren managed to keep the dream intact for less than an hour, but the naked truth is that Leeuwen’s team lost 3-4 to KV Kortrijk. Soleimani passed the ruling and pushed Waasland-Beveren further into the abyss called 1B. If Muscron takes another point, the downturn is a fact.

Against Kortrijk, Waasland-Beveren had to go for the victory of Hope. With KVK and OH Leuven, Lions seemed to have an easier program on paper than Mouscron, which had two additional successes with Antwerp and Club Brugge. At Kortrijk, the three indicators were also welcomed to mathematically confirm men’s survival after 0 out of 12.

Nikki Heine treated Luca Elsner with a chef surprise from the start. Waasland-Beveren had brought the stunt bag and challenged Vukotic’s suspension, which the Serbian still had the right to play with.

The sudden intervention came like a rebound. In the third minute, Vukotic failed to shoot properly and with Gueye’s leg, the ball ended up in Gano. With his sixth of the season, he put his former team deep into misery.

Beveren didn’t like his milk and patiently piled up. First, Ilyk Fokotek liked the equalizer, which nudged the ball to Heymans. With clear vision, Fry found his first job: 1-1.

The home team continued to take the lead. Waasland-Beveren slid like a knife through butter through Kortrijk’s defense. Fry with the heel, but Schrieggers kicked like an accomplished rugby player far above the goal. Across the street, Gueye hasn’t done much better. He also immediately ascended.

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The nervousness seems to be only getting stronger. Kortrijk lies at the table, and Beveren has possession of the ball. A minute before the first half ended, she also got what she was entitled to. With Senani from a free kick, Fry was once again in the right place with his head. With the eleventh of the season, he once again showed why he was so important. Hope for the Beverse stands is becoming more and more tangible. is not it? They also knew victory was very important to get a view of where to jump.

Photo: BELGA

Immediately after the break, the Jakers beat Gano’s equalizer just outside the goal. It was a prize after all on the next corner kick. Jano put the pan ready Dee Sart, who fired a controlled shot. With Kortrijk’s trance he exploded as a result.

Just an hour before, Suleimani cried out in pain after an apparently innocent intervention from Schrijvers. In the video he invited Allen Lambrechts to the screen, a penalty kick that was the result. Soleimani coldly turned eleven meters.

Waasland-Beveren kept fighting like Leeuwen, but it looks like the ball doesn’t want to go in anymore. On the flip side, Kortrijk also failed several times to make the match completely dead. The home side received a penalty kick in the last minute after a friction between Derijk and Eifford. Then Fry completed a hat trick.

This wonderful match is not over yet. After Dewelli, De Sarthe (2x) and Suleimani previously failed to score Kourtrick’s fourth goal, the latter succeeded in the end. At the 96th minute, 3 to 4 numbers were on the board.

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If Muscron gets another point, direct landing is inevitable. We’ll know tomorrow if this is Waasland-Beveren’s last game at 1A at Freethiel Stadium. Follow.

KV Kortrijk wins hard after a goal in the 96th minute (!), Red Lantern Waasland-Beveren no longer has fate in his hands
Photo: BELGA