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KVO miraculously fights to win against Vice Champion Genk

KVO miraculously fights to win against Vice Champion Genk

is unlikely. KV Oostende had to pretty much succumb to the Strongest Against Racing Genk stat, but he still managed to snatch the full loot. The Kustboys trailed 2-0 and 3-2, but they always managed to get back into the game. And so the home defeat from last week was eliminated immediately.

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Last year, Racing Genk took just one point against KV Oostende. In Limburg the score was 2-2, KVO beat the vice-champion and the cup-winner at home with 3-1. But last season did not matter anymore, coach Alexander Plessin had to put his players on guard after a difficult match last week 0-3 against Charleroi. D’Haese went to the left instead of Ndicka, Capon took his place on the right. New striker Thierry Ambrose was on the bench immediately, as were Evangelos Batoulides and Mohamed Berti. Arthur’s theater was not to the point. He and KV Oostende were nearly done with Italian club Bologna to move millions, and the match began to ripple with threats from both sides. KVO came out with some good tuning and high levels of interference. After five minutes resulted in a recognizably wild shot from long range from Gueye, Boonen saw a cracked shot that was easily saved. On the other hand, Genk has caused a hot spot for Hubert’s goal multiple times, including via Cyriel Dessers and Theo Bongonda. Gradually, Genk took over. This wasn’t the first time the Limburgers had climbed along Ostend’s left flank. Mike Tresor Ndayishimi – Tresor to Friends – was able to cross and Heinen simply nodded. After that, coach John van den Brum and his teammates easily kept the match under control, and the second goal was inevitable. KVO also gave Genk plenty of space. Halftime: Hendry passes under a long ball, Dessers rush in to get the ball and Bongonda makes a simple goal. The coast’s defense stood on muddy legs, but when you least expect it, Ostend scored the peg. Rocha fights the ball and plays with the tip of the shoe in Capon. With a lot of luck, the Ostend man cut through his closest attacker to allow the industrious Kavsina to score his first KVO goal of the year. A big boost, although Capone had to leave the wounded not long ago. KVO immediately continued to feel good after the break. Kvasina heads through a corner and Gai enters him. Genk signal to open the throttle fully again. Ito and Bungonda, among others, attacked Hubert, and the KVO was standing against the wall. At this hour, Jenk got what he claimed. Bongonda – not one of the biggest players ever – heads towards goal among the great defenders in KVO. Right after that, Blissin had his new striker in, Thierry Ambrose in, and a very upset Guy went to the side. And sure enough: On a corner kick, Ambrose passes the ball through Vandvoordt’s hand. The Frenchman barely scored once for Metz in the past two seasons, but he barely needed a few minutes in Ostend, and Genk came on again. Dessers shot first, and not long afterwards nodded completely free at Hubert. The goalkeeper saw Ostend cross after another in front of him and everything was on board the whole time. Completely against the match, KVO closed the Luminus Arena. Rocha wanted a shot on goal in flight, but he hit the ball completely wrong. This means that his poor shot was a good cross. Jäkel put his head against her and hopsakee, KV Oostende actually took a 3-4 lead. What an incredibly crazy soccer game. Both teams threw everything into the fight: offensive Genk, combat defense KVO. In a very exciting final stage, the coastal team managed to keep all three points. A huge explosion of joy was heard from Limburg to the coast on the bank of the Ostend. However, in the midst of ecstasy, there must be room for realism: in the back Ostend was very weak and adaptation absolutely necessary. (TVA) Goals: 20′ Heynen (1-0), 30′ Bongonda (2-0), 32′ Kvasina (2-1), 49′ Gueye (2-2), 59′ Bongonda (3-2), 62′ Ambrose (3-3), 79′ Jekyll (3-4) Genk: Vandevoordt, Preciado (81′ Muñoz), Sadek, Mackenzie, Arteaga, Ito, Hrosovsky (81 Thorstvedt), Bungonda, Heinen, Tresor, Desires (Bank: Leysen, Toma, Eiting, Muñoz, Oyen, Paintsil, Lucumi, Thorstvedt) Ostend: Hubert, D’Haese, Jäkel, Hendry, Medley, Capon (39′ Ndicka), Rocha, Boonen (86′ Bätzner), D Arpino, Kvasina (86′ Tanghe), Gueye (60′ Ambrose) (Bench: Schelfhout, Ndicka, Tanghe, Bätzner, Ambrose, Patoulidis, Berte)

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