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La Maryse restaurant will close immediately: 'It's time to take a different path'

La Maryse restaurant will close immediately: ‘It’s time to take a different path’

La Maryse restaurant on Stationsstraat is closing its doors. The directors made the announcement on their social media on Tuesday evening.

Sten van der Pleij in the kitchen and Jati van der Sypt in the hall opened their restaurant in the fall of 2015. The focus was immediately on products from Meetjesland’s own soil. Last year, La Mariese was rewarded with three radishes in the Green Guide, the We Are Smart dining guide that rewards kitchens that give fruits and vegetables a leading role. Earlier this year, Steen and Yati gave their restaurant’s interior a new look. On Tuesday came the surprising news that La Maryse was closing.

Friends for the future

“After a few sleepless nights and doubts, we have decided that La Maris will end,” Steen Weyati wrote on social media. “We are proud of what we have achieved with our regular customers in recent years. Much more than we could ever hope for. For us, La Maryse was more than just chairs, tables and a kitchen. It was a story, an ideal, that we wrote together with many local partners. But it was much more “From mere cooperation and professional dealings. We have been left with friends from this. Now we feel that it is time to end this, and that another challenge is calling us.”

No goodbye

Steen and Yati say goodbye, but they also look forward. “It’s time to take a different path and stop when we can look at a beautiful story. Thank you to everyone who believed in our story, because of you we stood there with a big smile. Goodbye, not goodbye.” The restaurant will be closed with immediate effect. “No, Maris will never open again,” she said. “Anyone who still has an open reservation will be notified via email.”

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