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Lang and CDK working on last season: Club Brugge wants record sums

Lang and CDK working on last season: Club Brugge wants record sums

A few days after the much-discussed match against Paris Saint-Germain, Club Brugge made another statement on Friday. For example, the gold hunters Charles De Ketelaere (2024) and Noa Lang (2025) contracts were broken. This doesn’t mean that both tastemakers will now be on board for much longer.

Talks about an extended contract and, above all, a philanthropist have been underway for some time either way. Now all parties involved have worked to resolve it. but according to latest news Staying longer for both Lange and de Kitellari is ‘virtually unthinkable’ and it is almost certain that the fan-favorite teams will take a step higher after the season. There will be no shortage of interest, unlike last summer. Especially if both players continue to be confirmed in the Champions League over the coming months.

But thanks to the contract extension, Club Brugge will soon be in a much stronger position at the negotiating table. Interested teams know where they stand. according to HLN Either way, a record amount would be needed to reach an agreement, so it appears the amounts should be close to €30m. But first, CDK and Lang want to give their all for Blauw-Zwart one last time. So going out during the winter seems out of the question.

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