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‘Largest chip company invests more money in US, not in EU’

The Taiwanese have previously announced plans to allocate about $ 10 billion to $ 12 billion for a new location in Phoenix, Arizona. But it will be the first of six new factories there, Reuters sources said. It also includes a more advanced 3-nanometer plant. It will cost between $ 23 billion and $ 25 billion.

It has already been shown that DSMC is not shy about taking a lot of money. The company announced it would set aside about $ 100 billion over the next three years to expand its capacity to produce chips. With this large quantity, the chipmaker hopes to be able to cope with the sharply increasing demand for chips. Car builders have recently been struggling with a huge chip shortage. As a result, more and more parties are being forced to reduce their production.

There is also a debate about how to stimulate the production of chips in the EU. For example, Intel has already shown serious interest in this. The American chip company recently discussed this with Brussels and may receive a large grant. But at DSMC, talks with the EU are “very bad,” Reuters sources said. A spokesman for DSMC did not rule out any possibility, but indicated that there were currently no plans for a factory in Europe.

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