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Last British soldiers leave Afghanistan |  Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

Last British soldiers leave Afghanistan | Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

The last British soldier in Afghanistan left the country. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense. This concludes the UK’s 20-year military presence in Afghanistan. More than 450 British soldiers were killed in Afghanistan during that period. Earlier on Saturday, the British evacuation from Kabul airport was ended.

“Twenty years ago, in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11 (2001), the first British soldier entered Afghanistan to create a better future for the country and all its people,” Sky News quoted Prime Minister Boris Johnson as saying. . “The departure of the last British military from the country is a moment to reflect on all that we have sacrificed and all that we have achieved over the past two decades. The nature of our engagement in Afghanistan may have changed, but our goals for the country have not.”

The British Ambassador to Afghanistan and the embassy staff will continue their work temporarily from Qatar. The British government announced the re-establishment of a diplomatic presence in Kabul as soon as it was safe enough and the political situation in the country allowed for it.

British and US soldiers are overseeing the mass evacuation carried out at Kabul airport in recent weeks. (21/08/2021) © AFP

15,000 people have been evacuated

Britain evacuated nearly 15,000 people from the Taliban-occupied capital within two weeks. However, the British failed to get rid of everyone who wanted it. On Friday, the defense spoke of between 800 and 1,100 Afghans who were allowed to come to Britain but are stuck in the Asian country. Between 100 and 150 Britons have not yet been evacuated. Over a thousand British soldiers were at the height of the evacuations in Kabul to arrange a mass exodus.

The Americans also began the final stage of their withdrawal from Afghanistan. The soldiers are scheduled to leave before August 31 (next Tuesday). Only the airport remains in the hands of the Americans.

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