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Last year was the lowest financial year for Bart de Pauw's Koeken Troef production company

Last year was the lowest financial year for Bart de Pauw’s Koeken Troef production company

Over the past 20 years, Bart de Pauw has generated €3.4 million in profit through his management company Deadliners and production company Koeken Troef. This is clear from the financial audit that Morning Procedure. Not surprisingly, last year was the lowest point, with a cumulative loss of 256 thousand euros.

The sky always looked limit For Bart de Pauw: Everything he touched turned to gold. He was ambitious from an early age. At the age of only 23, De Pauw founded his own company, called Deadliners. As a self-employed person, he was able to bill VRT and Woestijnvis for the programs he made and which he worked on, such as Outside the regionAnd mischievous riders employment Di Bao’s family. By running that through a company, it was more financially attractive. was 2004 with Di Bao’s family Peak first financial year with a net profit of over €200,000.

After that it became quieter. De Pauw got tired of Woestijnvis and decided in 2008 to set up his own production company with Koeken Troef. Bart de Pauw and his wife, Ines de Vos, are still 100% owned.

This was tough in the early years, but as of 2010 the decision brought eight straight years a net profit for the Deadliners and Koeken Troef together at more than €200,000. This came thanks to programs like kids puzzleAnd Kazakh inventorsAnd Two to the sixth power employment Biker Boys. 2013 was the record financial year with profits of 670,000 euros. They were all software designed for VRT, with which De Pauw signed an exclusive contract. The turnover of Koeken Troef has increased to more than 1.5 million euros. At its peak, fourteen people were permanently employed, as well as many self-employed.

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compensation 12 million

But then everything fell silent. At the beginning of November 2017, VRT decided to terminate its collaboration with De Pauw with immediate effect due to the infringing behaviour. In this way, Koeken Troef’s only source of income was completely cut off.

The consequences were dire. Net profit halved overnight. In 2019, it was still difficult to equalize and in 2020 De Pauw had to take heavy losses. In 2018 and 2019, Koeken Troef received not a single new order and yet still had a wage bill of nearly half a million euros per year: unsustainable.

Cuts were the norm today: Last year there were only six permanent employees. The production house received some new assignments. Contribute to the layout view influencers For SBS, he took the test opposite world For VTM and produced foxes– Exhibition of Entrepreneur Fernand Huts.

But this was not enough to fill in the gaps. So De Pauw and his family demanded 12 million euros in compensation from the VRT for loss of income and image damage: 2.5 million for De Pauw, 2.5 million for his wife, 500,000 euros for each of their three children and 5.5 million for his company. Deadliners. He was going to miss that last amount because of the fantasy series It’s show time It’s never aired, Koeken Troef is no longer taking orders from VRT, De Pauw’s last quarter exclusive contract is no longer paid and the new contract is never signed. This is very generous, given that he made no more than 600 thousand euros, even in a peak year. VRT decided not to comply with this request. This case also threatens to end before the court sooner or later.

Anyway, Bart de Pauw wouldn’t eat a sandwich less because of that. A man can get hit financially. Since 2001, he has earned a total of 3.4 million euros: 2.2 million through his company Deadliners and 1.2 million through production company Koeken Troef.