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Launch of the Halo Infinite campaign trailer onthuld -...

Launch of the Halo Infinite campaign trailer onthuld -…

There is still some time until Halo Infinite is released, but fans can enjoy the campaign for a bit already. The Halo Infinite campaign launch trailer has been revealed.

There is still a week left until Halo Infinite is released. The fans already have it Ability to play Halo Infinite multiplayer game. although Halo Infinite multiplayer game, according to Bram, it’s of course also about the full game and the single-player campaign. To give you a taste, 343 Industries recently revealed the campaign launch trailer. This roughly two-and-a-half minute trailer elevates a corner of the story that awaits us and Master Chief. Can our Spartan hero on Zeta Halo, the greatest Halo to date, defeat the Exiles and save the UNSC Navy?

Halo Infinite will be available December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series.

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