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Lawrence Sweek applies to crosses in the United States: “No progress seen” |  Cyclocross World Cup

Lawrence Sweek applies to crosses in the United States: “No progress seen” | Cyclocross World Cup

With no less than 16 rounds, the Cyclo-Cross World Cup is on the rise this season. The first games will take place in the United States: this Sunday in Waterloo, and next week in Fayetteville (Arkansas) and Iowa.

Lawrence Sweek (27) was not at the start. “Because we are entering a long and difficult season, and I feel the journey to the United States is hitting my body,” explains World No. 4.

Sweek does not trust the cyclo-cross on the other side of the world. “We’ve been trying for years. We’ve driven the first crosses for the internationalization of our game. Look at how far they’re in the United States now, I do not see much progress.”

“When pushed further, more riders just have to invest in that journey.”

“Perhaps cyclocross may be of interest in other parts of the world, but not in this way,” Lawrence Sweek continues. “Now the evidence is all coming from Flanders.”

“Once a global sponsor comes, I see it even more positive. He can help advance internationalization. Then it will be much more enjoyable for us to cross the big lake.”

Sweek’s teammates Eli Iserbit and Michael Vandoranhout are in the starting lineup in the United States. After three American crosses, Rutherford (October 23 – Super Prestige) and Sonhoven (October 24 – World Cup) soon followed in our country.

“I have to be there. I’m there to soak up the fatigue of my teammates,” Sweek explains.

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“Because, with the World Cup cross and another cyclocross race every weekend, it’s going to be a tough season,” he says again. “Then I’m glad I went to the crosses in the United States.”

In recent weeks, Sweek has consistently finished in the top 4, ranking 2nd in the Freeton and Mooleback. The 27-year-old motocross rider said, “The form is good.

“I thought it was a little low last weekend, but the birth of my daughter Felice may have had something to do with it.”

In addition to Lawrence Sweek, Wood von Airt also matches the World Cup cross in the United States. After a tough road season, he rests.