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Legion of the Dead Zombie DLC content announced

Legion of the Dead Zombie DLC content announced

Watch Dogs: Legion gets a new DLC entirely dedicated to the undead. This DLC content is called Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead and is available starting today via game update 4.5.

In the gameplay video below, you can watch Watch Dogs transform into PvE roguelite for up to four players. The costume developer makes it clear that it is from Alpha and continues to tweak and develop it based on the feedback from the community.

IGN sat down with online filmmaker Jean Pascal Campiotti to find out what makes zombies so interesting. According to Cambiotti, there is something really fun to play with zombies: “We were inspired by the multiple shapes in which zombies are expressed in popular culture and in games, so we decided to make zombies slower but more deadly. Game. A tool to create chaos by luring them into the fortresses of Albion. And you slide in to save bullets for another fight. “

Moreover, Jean Pascal says that this is not the case Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead Plan to make it a separate game: “Strategy design.” Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead To expand and disable existing systems – such as creating a roguelite approach using the unique tools from Watch Dogs: Legion. We want to keep an open line of communication towards the community and see where that takes the game even further.