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LEGO's collaboration with Activision will cost LEGO dearly

LEGO’s collaboration with Activision will cost LEGO dearly

LEGO had a nice collaboration with Activision to make LEGO sets around Overwatch, but that seems to be in doubt. The all-new Overwatch 2 set was scheduled to be released on February 1, but LEGO won’t release the set yet.

LEGO and Activision collaboration

LEGO writes: “We are currently reviewing our partnership with Activision Blizzard. We are doing this out of concerns about addressing persistent claims about culture at Activision. We are primarily referring to treating female colleagues and creating a diverse and inclusive environment.”

It’s quite a cultural clash, because people in Scandinavia generally think very differently about working women, and such “brotherhood” culture that prevailed in Activision Blizzard is almost unimaginable. A company like LEGO, which has an image that supports it, certainly cannot be associated with a company that ignores diversity. As we indicated earlier, Activision Blizzard Definitely not doing well when it comes to that.

Overwatch 2 Titan

Set 76980 has been temporarily suspended, which means she’ll have to wait a little longer to get LEGO’s Overwatch 2 Titan. It is unknown how long it will take before LEGO releases the set and if that will ever happen. It’s a rather late decision from LEGO on a set that was due to be released in a few weeks. On the other hand, it hasn’t just started working with Activision since yesterday: the partnership has been going on since 2018. About a dozen LEGO sets have already been released from Overwatch and since it has more gaming franchises, there is a chance that there will be more LEGO sets from Overwatch. You can also follow collections of other games.

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This doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Like many other companies, LEGO is clearly not doing well with how things are going at Activision and the chance of a period of reflection on Puzzle Games If she wants to work together, we consider her small. After all, Activision really dropped a lot of stitches. In addition, several companies have already announced that they will cancel their partnership with the game company, such as Girls Who Code and The Game Awards.

Attention collectors

It will cost LEGO money. The set, which should be released in a few weeks, is of course already in production. Looks like we might just see a new and very rare LEGO set that collectors want a lot of money for. After all, if all went well, it was these groups that were taken out of production for controversial reasons. So losing LEGO would probably be a huge gain for collectors.