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Leo on Phil Fay on Blokhuis’ Podcast: ‘You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy his music’

Leo says of Bill Faye: “You have musicians who are especially admired by colleagues. The musicians call them Englishmen. Bill Faye is one of them. But you do not have to be a musician to enjoy his music. They are in good company.

Introduced in 1970

Bill Fey made his debut with his self-titled album in 1970, and his second album followed a year later. His records sold very badly and Bill was removed from his label. In the mid-seventies, no record of Faye was found, but interest in his music resumed in the late nineties. In an interview, Bill said he was wandering around his yard listening to a cassette tape of his own music and thinking, ‘This is not so bad.’ Fortunately, there was good news because it was said that two of his recordings would be released on CD on this day. Many musicians found the artist and began to declare their love for Fayen’s music on stage. Including Jeff Tweety and Mark Almond.

Finally, in 2012 – he is now 69 – Faye was forced to record a new album. “People of life That record is called, it’s beautiful, “says Leo.” The next came three years later, and his last album was released last year.

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