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Less Tiny Homes, More Space For Beginners In Wendel-Zuid Gilze With 53 Homes |  Oosterhout

Less Tiny Homes, More Space For Beginners In Wendel-Zuid Gilze With 53 Homes | Oosterhout

Gilze – The new Wendel-Zuid district of Gilze will not have nine townhouses, but only six. Otherwise, the neighborhood planning will get very messy. To serve this target group, four starting homes will be added. This will bring the number of homes back from 52 to 53. Construction must begin prior to the construction holiday.

B and W write this in a city council memo. Construction between Wendel, Veldstraat and Molenstraat was halted for a long time because priority was given to other plans in the village. However, the zoning plan has already been drawn up. As a result, a number of investigations have to be repeated. This includes plants and animals.

Construction trade

The area will have a mix of senior citizens’ homes, courtyard houses, and junior homes. The plan is to start building roads before the construction holiday. Negotiations are underway with utility companies when they can start building the facilities. This is already being delayed due to the crowds.

The area is being built in three phases. The northern part consists of 3 detached houses and 12 houses for 2 people. The developer will further detail the plans. If the municipality agrees, the land will be sold. Construction is expected to begin at the end of this year.


In the middle segment there will be 6 townhouses, 4 starter homes, 13 senior citizens’ homes, and 8 yard houses. Here comes the “knarrenhof” with a large garden in the heart. The yard and splash houses were built around this. A non-commercial developer is now found for this.

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In the third phase, 7 detached houses for the most luxurious individuals will be built in the southern part. In this southern part it will be possible to build your own house. The municipality takes care of allocating the land.