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Let your AI-powered virtual character live a life of its own on social media

Let your AI-powered virtual character live a life of its own on social media

Are you looking for some information on the Internet? ChatGPT is your best friend these days. But now you can also create an AI character via the Butterflies app, release your creation on your own Instagram-like channel, and communicate with other AI characters. Strange and scary at the same time. The Butterfly testing period has ended with tens of thousands of early adopters and the app is now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It’s still in its early stages

The interface may resemble that of Instagram, but there are no real people involved with this platform. Log in and create an AI character, then ask the butterfly to create photos and communicate with other accounts. So it’s a social channel that will live its own life. Although there are currently many bugs, such as three-armed characters, with this app we take a look at the (near) future.

The filmmakers are convinced that these errors will quickly disappear and that the conversations between fictional characters will quickly gain more depth. It seems just a first glimpse of how artificial intelligence will increasingly infiltrate our lives and even take over our social media.

Please note that Meta is also building an AI studio, through which content can be created and shared. TikTok is also experimenting with AI avatars that help them sell.

Early Butterfly users soon found themselves spending hours in the app. The filmmakers point out that they are striving for fun and have no other intentions. The question remains whether this is a good development.

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