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Linda de Mol receives five Ukrainian refugees |  showbiz

Linda de Mol receives five Ukrainian refugees | showbiz

showbizLinda de Mol, 57, welcomed five Ukrainian refugees into her villa in Het Joy. Her manager confirmed this after sending a report from Weekend magazine. It is about a mother and four children.

“Linda took in five people. A mother ran away with her three young children. The woman’s mother also came to Holland. They really live in Linda’s house, so not in the garden of the house or something”, Linda de Mol’s manager confirmed to “De Telegraaf”.

De Mol has been living alone at home since January, after her split from partner Jeroen Rietbergen. The leader of the band “The Voice of Holland” was accused of sexually opposite behavior, after which de Mol broke off his relationship.

Last week, her manager announced that De Mol would be resuming her television career. She is working on a TV series on SBS6 in which she will be starring. The channel will soon provide more information about the project.

De Mol explained her work for her magazine LINDA. down too. It is not yet clear when it will start working there again. Until then, she won’t appear on the magazine cover either. Her TV show “Miljoenenjacht” on March 27 has been postponed to next fall.

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