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Linda de Mol responds to the "Voice of Holland" scandal: "I decided not to say anything else" |  Sexual assault in "Voice of the Netherlands"

Linda de Mol responds to the “Voice of Holland” scandal: “I decided not to say anything else” | Sexual assault in “Voice of the Netherlands”

showbizLinda de Mol, 57, reluctantly gets caught up in the abuse scandal in ‘The Voice of Holland’. Not only was her ex-partner Jeroen Rietbergen, 50, the culprit, she and her brother, television maker John de Mol, 66, were accused of having been aware of the facts. When the news just broke, she assured her that she would tell her story in her own magazine, LINDA, in due course. But she’s back to that now.



Linda de Mol begins her story on her website, “Telling everything honestly and openly, that was my intention.” “Once I got a little bit out of the black hole again, I was going to tell my story on my own platform. After yesterday I decided not to say anything at all.” The announcer explains that she has been under constant fire since the news broke. “Why in the name of God would I do that, like this interview? When these “experts” reject everything I say as “twisting, lying, covering up, exercising power, in disguise.” Even if I didn’t tell my brother the stories of two girls who secretly told us their sad story about Ali B, Because this was the express wish of the victims, it was interpreted as irresponsible or unreliable.”

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The introduction asserts that she was not aware of the misconduct of her boyfriend, Jeroen Rittbergen. He has already been accused of assault. “My brother spoke the whole truth when he said he only knew of one incident,” Linda added. “We are rich and powerful, so you have to die. Every year I share half of my fortune with people who are financially struggling. Power is freely available.”

So the Dutch decided not to give an interview anymore. “I am withdrawing for now to finally come to terms with my children, who loved their extra dad so much. And let my family support me, because yes, we are there for each other.” She summons victims via LINDA Magazine. to contact her. “I’d like to be able to tell you in person how sorry I am and that I would have done something about it if I had known about it, but I didn’t.”

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