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Lisa welcomes Mora Vander Viken and Waits Tange |  TV

Lisa welcomes Mora Vander Viken and Waits Tange | TV

TVTwo newcomers provide a fresh breeze through Lisa. Yesterday the VTM telenovelle received Maura Vander Viken (29) and tonight it was the turn of Wietse Tanghe (31).

Mora was seen 10 years ago as Meryl in the Ketnet series “Amika,” but she’s also no stranger to “Thuis” viewers. The actress played the role of the famous Olivia and sweetheart of Louie (Matthias Virgils) in this soap for six years. Last season, her character finally disappeared from the story by moving to America. In “Lisa,” Moora makes her debut as Sino, the latest acquisition of marketing agency Massa. The character not only has a new job, but soon has a new love. It will only become clear who is the lucky one in a few episodes.

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Tonight the viewer will get to know another new face. Wietse Tanghe’s character, Nathan de Geist, has a meeting at Massa, but enters Keetal beforehand for breakfast. When Lisa (Tenny Oltmans) wants to serve him, Nathan and another visitor get into a brawl: drunk and moody Gert Albrecht (Bert Verbeke). “As Nathan, I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the set of the ‘Lisa’ movies,” said Wietse, known as De Kavijaks and Quiz me Quick. “His last name, De Geest, does indeed reveal that he is a mysterious person. Moreover, it will cause a lot of stress. In the first scene, for example, the serious confrontation with Gert comes right away. Viewers quickly find out who Nathan really is and what secret he carries with him. Nathan will turn the world of some of the characters in the telenovelle upside down. “

The cast continues to innovate. Ellen Fierst (37), better known as Nora, will also appear in the one-series “Dertigers” soon.

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